About Alan Blood

Alan Blood B.Sc, (Hons.) PhD graduated in 1998 from the Advanced Science degree at Griffith University majoring in Biological Sciences. He undertook an Honours project in Apoptosis Biology at Herston Medical School in 1999 under Prof. Glenda Gobe.

From 2000 to 2004, Alan joined a collaboration with UNSW Dept. of Biophysics and St Vincents Centre for Immunology and UTS School of Health Sciences under Prof Hans Coster, Dr Peter French and Prof Keith Stanley. The PhD project used a TEM cell supplied by Telstra Research Laboratories to study gene expression and inflammatory regulation in primary fibroblasts exposed to GSM mobile phone radiation.

Since the award of PhD in 2005 Alan has worked with the Prince of Wales Virology Research Laboratory and also with Corbett Research Laboratory, mostly in PCR molecular diagnostics and PCR assay development.

For many years Alan has pursued eclectic research interests in the fields of Bioelectromagnetics and Electromedicine. He has recently released an e-book about his novel theories and concept designs for Heterodyned Radiofrequency Induction Field Emitter technology (HRIFE) for medical applications in cancer therapy and antiviral therapy. The book also outlines associated apparatus including spectroscopy devices and optical devices to detect virus resonant frequencies.

A summary poster presentation was made at the Science and Wireless Forum 2015 at the Australian Centre for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research (ACEBR) at RMIT in Melbourne. A 14 page version is available by clicking the menu link to ACEBR 2015 poster